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H3L S3 Trailer
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H3L - s2-4

online series

(Editor in A Team)

Class H3L is every teacher's nightmare. 5 Teenagers laugh and argue a lot with each other and experience the most bizarre things. They deal with with drugs, sex, love, discrimination, identity and jealousy.

Slowly but surely a close friendship forms.


Production - Tuvalu Media


Editor in chief - Glenda Beekink

Directed by Glenda Beekink & Nicolien Kool


Dolf de Haan (S4)

Erwin de Leeuw (S2)

Vincent Manuhuwa (S2 & 3)

Willem Van de Kletersteeg (S2)

Available on Videoland

Winner Best Positive Impact Award - The Best Social Awards 2021 (S3)

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